Seven steps to bathroom training your pet cat

white and gray kitten on white textile

white and gray kitten on white textile

Dresser training your cat is easy to do. It just takes a long time, perseverance, and also the right equipment.

We have actually outlined how to train your cat in the bathroom in 7 very simple steps. This toilet training process will certainly shape your cat’s behavior and get her to use the toilet carefully (and with luck!) for you.

Domestic cat with paw in the bathroom
When training pet cats with the toilet seat, it’s best to allow them to determine when to move on to the next action.

Step one

Put your cat’s can in a spot right next to the dresser. Make sure your cat is comfortable in this box and leave it there for as long as you think your cat can use the new area.

Pro tip: Go slowly. If your cat is confused, he or she may find a place in your home that he or she can actually feel a lot safer. A few of those crashes, and it can also be difficult to break this bad habit, so let your dog’s actions dictate when you move on to the next step.

step 2

Gradually increase the height of the can. Each time you increase the height of the can, remove a little.

Pro tip: Attach the litter box to the phone book or a stack of papers so it doesn’t move when your cat jumps on it.

tip 3

Each day, slowly move the can 1 inch closer to the bathroom until the box is directly over the seat. Continue removing the waste from the packaging until there is only a thin layer no more than 2.5 cm deep.

step 4

Replace your can with a “training box”. Make sure the training box can support your cat’s weight. Here are a few alternatives for you. You can either create your own or purchase one of the myriad of industrial training equipment on offer.
How to create your very own training box:

Lift the bathroom sheet and stick a piece of wax paper all over the toilet seat.
Add flushable litter to the wax paper.
Raise the toilet seat and tape a bowl or light aluminum pan to the sides. Take down the toilet seat to hold the frying pan in place. Put some flushable litter in the pan.
Pro tip: Clean up the trash after each use and add some catnip to the tidy mess too.

Bathroom training pet cat sitting on the bowl
Rewarding them with deals helps cats with toilet training.

tip five

Switch to your pet cat by only using the dresser each time. Cut a hole in the wax paper or aluminum skillet about 1 inch down the center and gradually increase the size of the hole until the cover is almost gone. In addition, when you decrease the size of the cover, you reduce the amount of spread so there is no mess when the paper or bowl is removed.

tip six

Rinse the dresser after each use by your cat.

Pro tip: Don’t instruct your indoor cat to clean the commode. Although cats have the ability to figure out the flush, they often enjoy it a little too much – the void.

step seven

Offer your dog a treat! Rewarding your cat for a job well done is critical to its success.

Pro tip: if your cat is a little apprehensive about the water in the bowl, add some litter to the water and your pet will be sure to associate the scent with their can too.

Does your cat know exactly how to use the dresser? If not, do you plan on training them now?

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