Exactly how to stop your dog from escaping during a fireworks display

shallow focus photography of white shih tzu puppy running on the grass


shallow focus photography of white shih tzu puppy running on the grass

In the worst of situations, a pet terrified by firecrackers can flee, leaving you powerless. That is, unless you have a canine GP tracker. With a Tractive GPS Pet Tracker, you can see where your dog is going at all times and bring them back to your side if they get lost.

This is what happened to Solène when her rescue dog, Sira, was startled and submerged during the fireworks. Check out her story:

“My dog ​​was rescued and is alive thanks to her tracker. I’m surviving an island in France. On July 13th there were fireworks for French National Day. My dog ​​got scared and left. She ran to the pier and also possibly at 11:50pm Water dropped There was no signal on the GPS for an hour that she probably invested in the water sea.”

Screenshot of a pet on a rock in the sea in the Tractive family doctor app
Dog on a cliff in the sea
attractive app screenshot location background
“I called several people to find someone who could use a watercraft to find them. They tried to find her for about an hour before finally being able to locate and rescue her. They actually had to catch her with a fishing net that she was so scared.”

Pet is rescued from rocks in the sea
Three males and also a dog rescued in the fishing net on a boat out in the blue sky of the sea
Two tan lap dogs lying on a sofa
” I am very thankful that this tracker was still working after an hour in the sea. Thanks Tractive!”

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Along with a vet tracker, make sure your dog is microchipped and using ID tags on his collar before the fireworks. This will certainly increase your chances of being reunited with your furry good friend should he become separated from you.

How to relax a dog during fireworks.

When it comes to dogs and fireworks, there are many things you can do before or during the fireworks to keep your dog relaxed and safe. Here are our top suggestions for calming a dog down during fireworks:

Know the strategy: Find out when the fireworks start so you’re prepared to calm your dog down during that time.
Feeding and Exercise: Make sure your pet is well fed and exercised before the big occasion. A tired and also full pet is less worried.
Keep Your Pet Inside: Bring your dog inside to protect them from the loud noise of firecrackers and prevent them from escaping.
Develop a risk-free space: Create an area in your home where your pet can feel comfortable. This could be a small area or their pet cage. Bring toys, bedding, and their bed to make them feel truly risk-free.
Have someone stay with your dog: Schedule someone to watch and relax your dog during the fireworks.
Use Songs or White Noise: Remember to play music or white nose for your pet to calm the blooming noise outside.
Try Pet Headphones for Fireworks: Noise canceling dog headphones can protect your pet’s hearing and reduce anxiety.
Consider a firecracker dog blanket: Like a weighted blanket, dog blankets, vests, or t-shirts can help put a nervous dog to rest.

Desensitize beforehand:

Dogs who have recently been exposed to loud noises are most likely to be less afraid of them. You can play fireworks sounds while having fun with your dog and also make offers and slowly increase the volume over time.
Keep Calm: Your habits can have a big impact on your dog, so be careful not to do anything that might startle your pet during the fireworks.
Medication when needed: For dogs that are highly anxious or phobic, anti-anxiety medication can be helpful to keep them from harming themselves1. Talk to your veterinarian before giving your pet any medication.
Canines and also fireworks: final clues

Pets and fireworks don’t mix well; Chances are your dog is afraid of them. So keep these final tips in mind:

Fireworks are not only terrifying, but also poisonous to dogs. Therefore, always keep fireworks out of the reach of a dog.
Don’t let your dog socialize in the smoke and debris from fireworks; they are sensitive to smell.
Some dogs just aren’t afraid of fireworks, for whatever reason. If that’s your case, think of your own

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